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We are all aware of the fact that the world is changing quite rapidly and in past decades the technological progress in the fields of communication, robotics and others has been very impressive, and this all also improved our ability to explore the ocean and get the correct and reliable info about its ecology. This volume opens with a brief yet comprehensive overview of the basics of marine ecology, including the water quality, stability of the ecosystems, and biological diversity.

The other chapters of the publication have been arranged as per the major bio-orders, starting from the primary producers to mammals, and up to the primary consumers, fisheries and sea weeds. The information contained in this book will definitely provide students, professionals, scientists and researchers with the excellent broad view and cutting-edge data relating to the marine life facing deviations from the fundamentals of the theory.

The first chapter introduces readers to the general aspects of the oceanography, the second chapter is dealing with the coastal marine biological diversity, while the following chapters address the effects of ocean-climate changes, summarize both observed and potential responses to the populations of the zooplankton to the changes in climate, describe the berthing organisms, history of marine mammals, basic concepts of the ecology of the seaweeds etc.

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As it is quite clear from the title of this volume, it is dedicated to the problems, promise and products of marine biotechnology in the 21st century. In the content of the present publication the team of authors who compiled it, has integrated and summarized the relevant information that and been obtained in the course of two workshop.

Subject information has served as a basis for provision of the recommendations related to the promising areas of research to be conducted in marine biotechnology. The biomedical applications have been emphasized within this book and numerous important topics related to the discovery and development of the drugs have been included. In addition to that, the content of the publication is covering such the important aspects as proteomic and genomic applications, bioengineering, biomaterials, associated public policy and relationships etc.

The review of the present report has been conducted by the recognized experts chosen for their professional technical expertise and perspectives, following the procedures established by the Report Review Committee of NRC, and its purpose is to provide all interested parties with the critically valuable comments. The amount of the information chosen for inclusion into this collection will make this book very useful and interesting for all people involved in marine science. 

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Today, marine ecosystems shall definitely be considered quite a wide topic that includes so many different processes, geographical peculiarities and different groups of various bio-organisms. The present publication is a sort of collection of topics that in fact are not directly related to the matters stated above but rather telling the readers about the research that has been already conducted by groups of professional scientists that have been working all around the world; the only common element is the search for the excellence of the authors.

This book contains eleven chapters, with the opening chapter covering the threats that are there to the ultraoligoscopic systems. This chapter is followed by the one describing the process of modelling the dynamics of the pelagic ecosystem in north-west Mediterranean area. The remaining chapters of this book address the meiofauna as an instrument to be used for the bio-monitoring of the marine system, ecophysiology and evolution of the labytinthulomycetes, limiting the impact of bottom trawling, hydrocarbon contamination, chemical interactions, marine spatial planning, proper mapping of the seabed, plus some other really important issues. A good and useful publication aimed at all people having the real interest in marine ecosystems, taking into account the amount of the material as well as the way of presenting.

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Among the key features of the present publications are the integrated and modern approach applied by the author to both active and passive underwater acoustics, numerous useful and informative examples of the lab scale models of the ocean-acoustic environments, together with the practical experiments carried out at sea, the coverage of the remote sensing of the sea floor and marine life, explanation of the high intensities, parametric sources, shock waves, cavitation, streaming and the explosive waves, coverage of the microbubbles caused by the breaking waves, dispersion, attenuation and rainfalls, inclusion of the valuable information on signal processing of the ocean sounds, various physical and biological noises, explanation of the propagation of the sound along the ray paths and caustics, presentation of the sound transmissions etc.

A very valuable volume for the people involved in oceanography. The publication has already proven to be the authoritative one and full of supplementary exercises and examples for better understanding of the theoretical part. The authors of the volume encourage the marine scientists and engineers to apply the modern and newly established methods...​

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Hurricanes are deservedly considered to be among the most serious aspects of the ocean environment, and we do know that the can potentially cause significantly disastrous events for marine systems. This work presented by the expert in the field, should be treated as a very informative and valuable source of reference for all persons directly involved in the naval, ocean and even coastal engineering field.

The author clarified the conditions of the hurricane generated seas required for the design and also proper operation of relevant marine systems and provided the necessary and data relating to the protection of both onshore and near-shore structures plus the environment during the hurricane landing. The book by Michel Ochi covers all important aspects of the subject; it has been specifically designed by the author to serve as a reference tool for the students, technical managers, scientists, researchers and designers in various areas of ocean, coastal and naval engineering.

The publication presents the technical information covering the hurricane-generated seas in different conditions and areas, including deep ocean and finite water depth of the shelf. The theoretical information has been supplemented with the practical wave data collected during the relevant researches conducted by NOAA by means of the buoys and aircrafts.

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Here is the very latest release of the publication dedicated to the coastal pollution and providing readers with an excellent revision of the materials that were contained there in the first edition, together with the remarkably lucid expansion of its content. The current publication is still preserving the most important technical aspects of the coastal pollution and continues to enlighten the vignettes that have been already recorded there in the original release of the volume.

The main content of this title has been arranged in three separate sections, recounting several horrow real life stories based on the consequences following the coastal pollution events, surveying the potential effects the coastal pollution may have or resource species, for example on marine mammals as well as fish and shellfish; moreover, various serious effects of the coastal pollution on human beings has also been dealt with in the book.

The publication closes with the chapter containing the conclusions and offering several professional predictions for both near and distant future. The author's primary intention was actually to go far beyond the discussion in any single area, therefore he applied all his professional experience as a sort of lens providing reader with better and perfectly documented technical understanding of the impact that human has on the marine environment.​

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This publication should serve as an essential book for those industry professionals who are planning to work with the carbon dioxide system in seawater. It is intended to serve as a valuable reference tool for both experienced people and students. Next to nitrogen, oxygen and argon, carbon dioxide is deservedly considered the most abundant gas in the atmosphere.

And, it is also one of the critically important greenhouse gases, straight next to the water vapor. Nearly all of this gas is stored in the world ocean in the form of the dissolved organic carbon. In order to properly understand the processes taking place in the marine carbon cycle, we have to possess a thorough and deep technical knowledge of the sea-water carbonate chemistry, and this would include both equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties, for example the stable isotope fractionation.

The present volume was released with the intention of its authors, D. Wolf-Gladrow an R. Zeebe, to present all interested readers with a comprehensive overview and a synthesis of the above stated subjects, and this title will be useful to everyone including enthusiasts, students and professionals in the fields of marine biology, oceanography, marine chemistry and biology, biogeochemistry and others, as all of them will find the information in this book very practical.

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This title was released to present the results of combined professional efforts by a team of the world recognized experts in marine chemistry; it forms a part of the popular "Water Quality Measurements" series. The volume is aimed for the postgraduates as well as specialists and scientists, together with the researchers directly involved in various activities in the filed of analytical chemistry. This work will definitely be found beneficial for all persons with the interest in the development of various materials and established analytical methods relating to the regulations addressing the drinking water.

The authors of this comprehensive text have arranged the main content in several sections, covering the monitoring of marine pollutants, international conventions plus associated European Union marine strategy, addressing the marine parameters to be monitored, different chemical species and trace elements, nutrients and organic micro pollutants, types of the monitoring, including methods of biological monitoring and classic chemical monitoring, quality assurance matters, including various certified reference materials to be used when performing the monitoring, important issues directly relating to the development and research activities, explanation of the role of the sediments in coastal monitoring, and also various technologies for the passive sampling. Recommended to all people interested in marine science.

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