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This publication was prepared to familiarize readers with the major techniques of the optical ocean sensing. It is mainly covering the most important topics relating to optical monitoring as well as sensing applications and is expected to be equally suitable for managers and professionals in all related disciplines.

Bearing in mind the variety of the specialized areas in the oceanography science, it was nearly impossible for the author to include all of them in the single tutorial so the main emphasize was made on the science and reasons behind specific approaches and methods without getting too deep into the details of issues. The volume contains a pretty explanatory text presenting the very major techniques of the optical sensing of the ocean.

The publication will definitely be found suitable for both pros and managers in the relevant fields, plus for the students with the serious interest in exploration of the career in ocean engineering or remote ocean sensing. The book opens with some short overview of the key branches of ocean research, and this would include the geo-oceanography, covering chemical, physical, biological and other related aspects. That is why we would not limit the target group for this volume with the people mentioned above.  

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The initial purpose of the authors of the present edition of the NWS Observing Handbook No. 1 was to provide the interested readers with the maximum amount of the useful information. We know that the weather does have the nearly magical hold on the mariners and any change in the weather is always noted with some sense of trepidation. That is why reporting weather is considered critically important for the safety of mariners and it also forms a part of the knowledge.

The present book has four chapters - program description, ship's synoptic code and observing methods, transmitting the weather observation, the weatherwise marines. Apart from that, the Glossary is included describing the terminology used throughout the publication. The material is supplemented with three appendices addressing observing forms and supplies, conversion factors and equivalents, and interpretation of weather map symbols.

The publication has been presented in the "field guide" format allowing for easy handling and use as quick reference tool. The authors who have compiled the document hoped that the material included in the volume would simplify the work of the readers in the field of weather observation. It is very easy to locate the info you are looking for in this book.

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This book has been prepared by Hans-Gerhard Ramming aiming to cover all applications of the numerical modeling to various dynamic processes, as it is stated in the title. The information included by the author into this volume will definitely be found useful by all persons involved in various fields of marine science, oceanography and hydroengineering. The publication has been divided in eight major chapters.

The first chapter is mainly dedicated to the general differential equations of hydrodynamics - the system of such equations is formed by four of them, three of them are corresponding to the velocity and one to the pressure... Three chapters that follow are describing the steady motion, covering both numerical methods and providing some oceanographical examples, as well as ones for unsteady motion. The numerical treatment of tides has been addressed in the separate chapter, together with the various models of tidal rivers and shallow coastal waters.

The author has also paid particular attention to the application of the transport equations and periodic motion. The list of relevant figures is there at the end of the book. As it can be seen, the publication covers literally all important topics and can therefore be recommended to all people involved in marine hydrodynamics.

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Since the very time when the initial release of the present publication was first introduced, i.e. around forty years back, it has already found a worldwide acceptance as a very reliable and remarkably detailed source of relevant technical information. And this second release of the volume, significantly revised and extended to include some of the additional info and keep the book duly updated with the latest relevant technological advances.

This release of the book is reflecting the rapid pace of both methodological and instrumental evolution that took place in the preceding decades. It shall be noted that this volume shall not be treated as an authors' attempt to cover all aspects of the analytical marine chemistry; is should rather be looked at a good and comprehensive attempt of the authors to describe in detail various methods they have already introduced and/or refined and that yielded reproducible enough results in day-to-day work.

This publication may definitely be recommended to all researchers of marine science, taking in due consideration the all wealth of technical info that has provided by the authors as well as its topicality. The students of marine science would also find this volume quite useful when used as a reference source.​

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In the present popular and useful publication, the authors have perfectly presented a very thorough topical research in the study of the eco-systems as well as economic significance and potential threats to the environment of the Mediterranean Sea region. Among the topics that have been covered within this volume, there are the necessity for the business-oriented and economic approach to the associated ecosystem services.

The publication also addresses the matters of marine pollution caused by the shipwrecks located at the bottom of the sea and various effects of the PFW, standing for the so-called "produced formation water" on the marine environment in the subject region. In addition to above, the authors have paid particular and close attention to the environmental modeling plan covering both construction and operation of the marine terminal for the re-gasifying of the LNG in the North Adriatic Sea, and they have also dealt with the study of various biologically active peptides from the venom of the cone snail conus ventricosus in the Mediterranean Sea. In short, this title is expected to be of great practical use for all people having serious interest in this geographic area, together with its ecological system and existing threats to the environment.

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Almost four decades have passed since the time when the 3rd UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, i.e. LOS Convention, was signed. It entered into force in 1994 and is dealing with public international aspects of the oceans' law. The eighth part of the subject Convention is dedicated to the marine scientific research and this is what is addressed in the present publication.

This volume presents a thorough analysis examining the legal framework for the above mentioned research with a main focus made on research platforms. People conducting such research, i.e. oceanographers, usually face a quite complex set of provisions that govern their activities. As the treasures of the ocean waters have become discovered and known to the major players in coastal states, the international regulations concerning the sea uses have become much more tighter.

As said above, in the book the third part has been analyzed; in addition to that, the publication provides interested readers with a good overview of air and even space laws relevant to the research activities, and describes their relation to the LOS Convention. Some of the other international regulations have also been dealt with and their significance in the customary law context has been analyzed. The book is mainly aimed at a scientific and legal audience...

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When you are looking at the ocean standing on the deck of a vessel, it is a truly immense world. Though the ocean serves as a home to billions of various species, significant part of the marine life is actually hidden from our view and access. That is why the sea is deservedly considered the most unexplored area of the world. The marine environment, in turn, is a very captivating place peaking the curiosity.

New discoveries have been revealed in the course of the extensive scientific researches conducted recently, and now we are aware of even more secrets. Marine science is a very multi-disciplinary area incorporating physics and chemistry, biology and geology, plus the environmental science. Proper understanding the ocean's ecology is also critically important due to the currently ongoing changes to the global climate.

The ultimate goal of the present volume was to provide the readers with twenty original scientific experiments conveying the very basic principles of biological/physical sciences that are relating to the ocean. Each of them may be considered a proven teaching activity broadening the understanding of the nature of marine science and associated scientific facts. The volume will definitely be appropriate for all classes and can be used by all students.

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The technology and science of today equips us with increasingly complex methods of studying the ocean. The intention of the person who wrote this book was to introduce readers to the contemporary problems of marine physics and to explain all mechanisms of the fundamental physical processes happening in the sea together with their inter-relationships. The purpose was to enable the readers to embark on a further study of marine physics.

The author has made an attempt to produce a proper synthesis of the results obtained in the course of the latest researches in the field of marine physics, while maintaining the manageable size of the publication. The text part of the volume has been limited to a discussion of the physical properties of the seawater, thermodynamical processes that occur in the sea, as well as the transfer of sound waves and sun light in the sea, mass exchanges, air-sea interaction and other critically important matters.

All classic problems have been covered within this book, such as sea waves, currents and tides; however, if you want to get the detailed information on these, you would better refer to the numerous relevant textbooks that are available. The volume will definitely be of service to a broad range of interested readers...

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