Maritime Informatics

Author(s) Mikael Lind
Publisher Springer
Date 2021
Pages 623
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







This is a revolution – a very first book devoted specifically to the maritime informatics, i.e. the arrangement, behavior and interaction of the computational systems, as well as the storage and processing of the relevant data. The ultimate goal of the editors was to ensure that the shipping industry of today benefits from the latest sources of information.

Written by the team of the recognized professionals, the volume provides a good discussion and examination of the decision making in the maritime shipping industry and the areas for improvement through application of the modern digital technologies and introduction of the technology in order to make the subject of the maritime informatics even more valuable. The material contained in the volume bases on the participation of the authors in the numerous researches in the field.

The competition between the today’s shipping companies and their collaboration is examined, together with the interactions between the companies serving the various shipping demands, such as the shipping terminals and port facilities. There are also many practical examples provided by the experts to ensure better understanding of the topics covered.

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