Metallurgy of Welding

Author(s) J. F. Lancaster
Publisher Woodhead Publishing in Materials
Date 1999
Pages 478
Format pdf
Size 18 Mb







This is new sixth edition of one of the most respected books written by the recognized industry specialist. The book addresses the most widely used joining techniques as applied to the construction materials. The volume is mainly aimed at the students of metallurgy and will also be useful to the specialists taking welding courses. Note that is a great reference source for the engineers directly engaged in the joining processes.

The author has covered all changes taking place when welding together with the types and properties of the welding joints, possible defects and behavior of the weld seams in active service. The newly introduced metal-ceramic welding is dealt with in a separate chapter. Also, the friction stir welding, adhesive bonding, quality control and production technology have been paid particular attention in this new edition.

The chapter dealing with the heat flow has been thoroughly revised, updated, and supplemented with the additional examples. In addition to that, the book now features perfect and comprehensive coverage of the non-destructive evaluation of the welding seams, as well as the major structural features that led to the ship catastrophes.

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