Ninety Percent of Everything

Author(s) Rose George
Publisher Picador
Date 2014
Pages 304
Format epub
Size 7 Mb







There are plenty of ship-tracking web resources available today; if you open any of them, you will see lots of dots and each of those dots is a vessel. Each of those vessels, in turn, is laden with hundreds or thousands of boxes full of cargo. The transportation is one of the key elements of the economy, without which the world of today would simply not work.

This publication will be of great value to anyone interested in the shipping industry, not limited to the industry professionals. The material presented by the author is truly absorbing and timely. The experts have found the book revelatory and engrossing because the author has explored a relatively covered world of the modern commerce; in addition, the readers of this volume will be introduced to the people. The publication is full of detailed accounts and anecdotes and it is a really easy-reading.

The readers have found the book a superb, perfectly written and remarkably bravely researched. A must-have one, considering the value that the shipping industry has and the way it impacts everyone's life. The author has managed to show the readers a sort of representative slice showing what exactly the contemporary world is like. You will ready about piracy, important environmental issues, and of course day-to-day life and operations on board…

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