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In the recent decades we could witness quite significant technological advances in establishing and developing the new modeling procedures and methods for conducting the structural assessment of the marine structures. Some of the assessment methods have been incorporated into the methods commonly used for the analysis and design of the efficient vessel structures.

The present publication is also dealing with the fabrication of such structures and contains the papers which have been formally presented in the course of the Third MARSTRUCT held in Hamburg in 2011. The content of the book has been arranged in six sections, covering the tools and methods for strength assessment and establishing loads and their effects, experimental analysis of marine structures, their fabrication, structural reliability of those structures, structural design, optimization, safety issues and protection of the environment.

The book is intended for use in scientific organizations, universities, class societies, by ship designers, owners and all people involved in the design analysis of the marine structures. It will also be useful for the people willing to keep in the loop of the latest technical happenings.

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