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The Nautical Institute presents one of the best and classical guides on Bridge Watchkeeping prepared to serve the officers of the watch; the publication was originally designed provide the valuable practical advice. The book has been already very well met in the shipping industry and considered perfect for the self-study and it's aim and major objectives were actually to enhance applicable standards of watchkeeping by means of the assessment program covering bridge operations, as well as the correct use of the equipment onboard, proper application of the established reliable procedures, support to be provided to the bridge team, tasks to be performed etc.

It is highly recommended to all officers on watch to work carefully and methodically through the content of this training guide; such approach is expected to have a significantly better appreciation of their duties and the way to support the Master of the vessel and become much more efficient and also more responsible member of the ship bridge team. Absolutely recommended source of professional training for the bridge crew members to improve their skills and knowledge.

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The main part of the content of this volume is based on the materials presented in the course of the Sixth International Conference dedicated to the issues related to collision/grounding of the vessels and offshore installations. The presenters have covered the most important topics on the collision and grounding of ships and the compilers of this book have spent quite a lot of time trying to select the best of the materials for inclusion.

Among the matters addressed during the conference there were modeling and simulation systems for investigating marine accidents. latest vessel collision risk studies, application of the fracture mechanics to the assessment of the progressive structural failures of damaged vessels, collision tests. bridge crossings, feasibility of the grounding/collision data for the probabilistic modeling of the ship accidents. failure strain prediction, FSI analysis technique and its application to the structural safety assessment, collisions of the vessels against bridge piers, quays and wind turbines, numerical and experimental investigations, review of the different methods, crashworthiness studies of the LNG carriers, and so many other interesting and critically important topics...

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This book by Peter Nielsen, who is a very experienced seafarer, provides excellent and perfectly chosen general information about anchoring. The author gives very good and understandable descriptions of the types of anchors that are in use together with the tips on the anchoring itself. The readers will find all information they need here - the answers to all questions on the anchoring they have.

In fact, anchoring is considered a key skill for any yachtsman and boater, does not matter sail or power. The present publication will provide you with the easy-to-follow and fast instruction that will help you to perform the anchoring in a safe and efficient manner. The booklet belongs to the famous Captain's Quick Guide series and is very popular among seamen.

The readers will know how to use the right anchors, how to select and size the correct anchor chains and connectors, and also learn the basic anchoring techniques. An absolutely recommended volume for all boaters - we suggest that you print this one out, laminate and put in your boat to make sure that it is readily available at any time.

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