Here is the opening part of the popular course of Maritime English presented by the Greek Merchant Marine Academy. The coverage of the course includes the items of the professional interest for the deck crew, engine crew, and bridge crew. It starts with the IMO SMCP, standing for the Standard Marine Communication Phrases, and continues with the general information important to the seafarers, including the cadet application form and job profiles, job duties and ranks of the officers and ratings etc.

Then the trainees are invited to proceed to the ship familiarization, including the identification of the various ship parts, associated terminology, merchant ships and their types, etc. This one is followed by the unit on the shipboard safety equipment and the relevant regulatory framework, such as the SOLAS convention. The next unit is entirely devoted to the onboard working activities, while the following one addresses the emergency on board ships, including the rescue procedures.

The remaining units of the course cover the cargo handling activities, ship particulars, accidents, incidents, medical care and other topics considered sufficiently important to be included in the main part of the course. Note that the second part is available here.

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The content of the present publication belonging to the world popular Reed’s series, continues the one of the "Basic Electrotechnology for Engineers” which we would encourage you to check prior to going for the “Advanced” version. There are many worked examples included in the book together with the worked problems, all supplemented with the good and clear explanations.

There are thirteen chapters in this book, the first one dealing with the direct current machines, including their testing, output, efficiency, working in parallel and other aspects. The second chapter covers the transformers, particularly their operating principles, EMF equation, primary and secondary phasor diagrams, voltage drops, resistance, impedance, etc. In the third chapter the author continues dealing with the DC machines, explaining the winding, commutation, armature reaction, cross-field generators.

After that the trainees will proceed to the theory of the subject machines including the electromagnetic induction, resistors, circuits, current asymmetry and other aspects. the rest of the publication addresses the alternators, transductors, induction motors, electronics and so many other important areas.

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Here is one of the best volumes on the subject of applied mechanics, which has already granted worldwide popularity among engineers. The book opens with the chapter on the vectors and associated diagrams, covering all relevant aspects such as the Bow’s notation, parallel and concurrent forces, non-coplanar forces and others. The second chapter addresses the acceleration and velocity including the angular ones, projectiles, instantaneous center and relative velocity.

The third chapter covers such important matters as the mass and accelerating force, as well as the momentum and torque, while the next one sheds some light on the centripetal acceleration. This one is followed by the chapters devoted to the sliding friction, moments and lifting machines, strain and stress, riveted joints, and pressure vessels.

After that the reader proceeds to the chapters dealing with the beams, including the equilibrium condition, cantilevers, bending, associated stresses, section modulus, direct and bending stress, and torsion. Finally, the closing chapter is completely devoted to the hydraulics including the volumetric expansion, pressure, friction, centrifugal pumps etc.

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Welcome to this basic marine electronics course. Let us see what we are going to learn in this course. The first part of the course is about the sensors, including wind sensors, speed sensors, depth sensors and all others installed on board – what are the differences between different technologies used to build the sensors, how we are supposed to install and maintain them.

The second part of the course is devoted to the protocols and networks – so, what are the differences between different protocols used in marine electronics, why is one better than the other, what is the wiring to connect electronics, and how can the products by the different manufacturers be compared.

The third part is about the screens or displays – where to install those, differences between screen building technologies etc. After that we will move to the processors – what functions are calculated inside the processors, what is the mathematics and logic behind it, and why are they so important.

The fifth, and last, part of the course is about the onboard computers and onboard navigational software – how can we integrate our electronic systems in the computer and navigation software, why it is important and why and how it make our system a complete system, allowing us to sail safer and faster.

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This great collection of lectures on the subject of marine navigation was compiled with the ultimate intention of the authors to explain, in the simplest possible manner, the essential provisions of the navigation as outlined in the pages of the Bowditch’s American Practical Navigator, available at our website.

For the easier reference, the content of this volume was arranged in eight parts, and it is recommended to go for one part per week. The first week the trainees shall be acquainted to the piloting, including the associated equipment, publications and techniques involved. The second week is the one they will work on dead reckoning, including but not limited to the Mercator sailing, latitude and longitude and all other commonly related topics.

The third part of the volume and the associated week of training will be given to the subject of celestial navigation, still considered a fundamental one for the mariners… In short, going week by week, the trainees will eventually cover all areas of the navigation that the author considered important enough to include in the collection, and they will be equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of the maritime navigation to proceed further to their studies.

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Please have a look at this newer edition of one of the most popular titles for the electricians. The content of the publication was significantly updated in comparison with the previous release of the handbook. It is now presented in both pdf and epub formats for easier use on all possible devices.

For decades this handbook served as a great reference and study tool for the electricians not only in the United States, but actually all around the planet. Featuring impressive number of the topics covered, combined with the clear explanations and remarkable reader-friendliness, this title is deservedly treated as the must-have for any practicing electrician.

You will find everything you need in the pages of this volume, and do it very fast. The content of the book was revised to include all latest advances and also the amendments to the NEC, standing for the National Electrical Code, and includes huge amount of newly introduced material, photos, data tables and pictures.

Among others, the fine-stranded conductors have been dealt with in detail together with all associated equipment and applicable termination rules. Same applies to the autotransformers, control panels, pulling calculations and so many other important areas.

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This is a truly brilliant publication and a real treasure for the people interested in the naval history, particularly in the destiny of the submarines belonging to United States fleet participating in the World War two. According to the hundreds of reviews submitted by the thankful readers, the title is a must-have one due to its content, where the author provided the detailed historical background and covered all relevant technical aspects in detail.

In addition to the attacks of the midget underwater boats of the Japanese fleet on Hawaii, the author also deals with the similar operations that took place in the other places, such as the Australia and Madagaskar. The style of presenting the material is excellent, making the reading fascinating, the text is informative and the coverage leaves no grey areas.

In fact, this is one of the best studies of the Japanese program of mini-submarines, with the main emphasis places on those six boats involved in the attack. We would encourage all fans of that war and actually all fans of the underwater vehicles to read this book carefully as it contains wealth of information not provided in any other books of its kind, and presents it in a nice reader-friendly way.

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It is known that most of the legal disputes in the maritime shipping industry are the results of the opposing opinions concerning the differing interpretations of the laytime aspects. That is the reason why so many works had already been prepared and published in connection with this important area of the maritime law, and there are so many of them appearing on the annual basis, with their authors trying to shed some more light on the subject matter.

The main intention of the present title is to provide industry with the tips and practical instructions on calculating laytime; however, the author also made effort to keep the content fully in line with the regulatory framework. The publication can either be used by the students and by the experienced calculators who will definitely find it a useful reference source.

It shall be noted, however, that the subject of the laytime calculation is quite complex and each of the calculations shall be looked at using the case-by-case approach, since there are numerous factors involved relating to the particular clauses of the associated charter-parties, their dominance and interrelationships. Use this book as a concise yet informative guide.

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