The offered release of the world popular book by Michael Pilson dedicated to the marine chemistry, has been seriously expanded to be fully updated with all recent developments and is now providing readers with the easily accessible introductory information that is directly related to the chemistry of the sea. The author of the volume has highlighted the geochemical interactions that exist there between ocean, land, climate and atmosphere, enabling readers to duly appreciate the link between different systems and processes, elucidating the variations in the chemical environment of the ocean, ranging from deep to surface waters.

The content of the volume has been presented in a very clear and engaging manner, providing all students in marine chemistry/oceanography with the basic tools commonly required for better understanding of the ocean chemistry. The appendices that supplement the main body of the book are presenting some additional info on the properties of the sea water, key constants and equations used during the calculations related to the oceanographic processes. The popular problems have been addressed there at the end-chapters plus summaries allowing the easier review of the material; in addition to the above, there is a very good glossary of terms that are used and list of supporting internet resources.

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This publication is dedicated to the M.V. Marine Svetaeva. She was named for one of Russia's most famous twentieth century poets and was built in Poland's famous shipyards of Gdynia. The vessel was originally delivered as an ice strengthened passenger vessel, so she spent so many years plying the frozen waters of the Northern Pacific and Arctic Oceans working on of her Russian owners.

Then, the ship was refurbished in early 2005 in order to comfortably accommodate as many as one hundred passengers plus forty-one crew members. Two years later, the builders added a helicopter deck and hanger to allow two helicopters to be based on the ship during her operations in remote locations. Impressively stable at sea, Marina Svetaeva is a very robust vessel but she is still small enough to explore places beyond the reach of relatively bigger ships.

This nice passenger vessel can be characterized by large public spaces and spacious cabins, she has the bridge and outer decks, library and bar. A large lecture room on board provides the perfect space for all passengers as well as crew members to wind down and socialize following dinner in the well appointed dining rooms of the vessel. The passengers can even attend the swimming pool while traveling on this ship.

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In this publication the author has made a nice attempt to present the account of several important aspects of the marine geology and geophysics sciences. In fact, the content of the volume is a sort of account of the rocks located at the very bottom of the sea. Of course, the readers who have no professional background in geology may actually find the terminology used in the text of this volume quire confusing, that's why the author has provided some very basic introduction in the first chapter of his work.

The appendices provide readers with the brief descriptions of the minerals forming the rocks and a good informative summary of the geological timescale. The book starts with the explanation of the geophysical techniques applied to the seafloor exploration, followed by the chapter dedicated to the topology of the seafloor. The following chapters are dealing with the pelagic and abyssal plain sediments plus movements of the seafloor.

Remaining chapters are focusing on the igneous rocks, ocean basin structure, polar wandering and continental drift. In short, the book is quite rare and providing interested readers with wealth of really useful information on marine geology they may require for further study and researches in this field.

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The very original intention of Adrian Waygood, the author of the present publication on electrical engineering, was to provide all readers, mostly tradespersons and apprentices in the field of electrical technology, as well as any other persons who might require the proper knowledge of the electricity for their everyday work, with a basic intro to the electrical science. However, the author hopes that others, will also find this publication useful and interesting.

Though there are so many books supporting the regulations and some practical aspects of electrical training existing in the industry, by necessity these books are actually unable to cover the electrical science in any depth. Therefore, we may say that there is a tendency for many persons to have quite a weak technical understanding of the electrical science. Moreover, even a very basic examination of the questions/answers on the relevant websites, reveals a huge number of misconceptions on the subject of electricity. 

So, in fact these are the two areas that the author of this publication has tried to address, namely an improvement in the knowledge/understanding of the basics of the electrical science, and an attempt to eliminate most part of the above mentioned misconceptions that people do have about the present subject...

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This document presents the officially distributed manual for the AMVER ship reporting system which is widely used on the vessels operated by the USCG with the purpose of promotion of the safety of both human life and safety at sea.

The mission of the AMVER is to provide the SAR authorities with a quickly delivered and accurate information of the positions of the ships located close to the reported distress, as well as their characteristics. The information in this paper has been arranged in twelve volumes providing the general information on the systems and its use, communication network and format of the report, as well as the reporting requirements.

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This small program has been released with the purpose to serve as a supplementary tool for people using the AMOS program. The intention of the developers of this helpful piece of software was to help people who are dealing with the input of the various data relating to the maintenance of the vessel into AMOS software system and; this would particularly refer to the histories of the jobs that have been already carried out and have to be duly recorded for future reference and tracking.



The program shall definitely be considered an extremely useful and time saving tool for all crew members using AMOS for the management of the vessels day-to-day maintenance activities. The package was thoroughly scanned for viruses, trojans or any other type of malicious software and we confirm it is clean of any malware. There is no need for getting any activation code, send the registration message or anything like that since the program was declared to be completely free. It will work even without the necessity to install or register.





Just launch the AMOS Assist file and you may start using this software immediately with no delays. We do recommend it taking into account its user-friendliness and amount of time it allows to save.



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This rare publication by Jacqueline Kranz contains more than three hundred of illustrations and provides readers with the very useful and, at the same time, entertaining surveys of the nautical antiques and antiques - we would definitely treat this book as a genuine treasure-house for both beginners and experienced collectors, in fact any people accumulating these objects for years.

The author has succeeded in literally infecting readers with her enthusiasm for collecting the art- and antique- objects relating to the nautical world, through the researched interesting facts and a real wealth of appropriate photos and drawings, supplemented with the lively personal anecdotes. The book not only provides the valuable information on all most desirable collectibles plus their relative values, but also gives the advice about numerous unusual objects that would otherwise go unrecognized by the novices.

The topics covered by this publication cover a very broad range of categories, starting from the expected ones, such as figureheads and paintings, half-models, lanterns, wheels, anchors and various navigational tools, to the unexpected categories, for example toys and games, porcelain, glass, sheet music and so many others. The book contains specific tips on finding and properly identifying the articles, plus many yarns about the collectibles associated with the Great Lakes, Mississippi and other inland waterways...

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This book written by Ernest Sims, published by Adlard Coles, has been fully dedicated to aluminum boatbuilding was prepared by Ernest Sims who has the huge experience in boat design. We think it is a truly "must" for everyone making efforts in designing and constructing their own boat from aluminum - regardless of the type.

Apart from the theoretical portion, the author of this book included some practical information related to the construction of the boats. It will be very useful for the boat designers and engineers, who can consider it as a very simple-to-use and quick reference book. We do believe that one copy of this publication shall always be kept on every boatbuilder's deck.

Even though this book can be used by beginners to the field of boat construction, it is mostly aimed to be used  by people having at least some boatbuilding experience since it will be much easier for them to understand the material provided. In any case, regardless of who is using this book, the information compiled by the author and practical examples included in it made this publication very valuable and world popular. Every boatbuilder will definitely find something inside and will benefit from using this book. 

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