The recommended official User Manual for the Isolated Converters of the CN-6000 series produced by Autonics. The layout of this document is quite similar to the one that was applied by the author in the other Autonics publications. This informative booklet opens with the description of the important technical features of the products - the multi-output, improved visibility, display of the input type and various outputs, different functions plus built-in supply of power.

The paper provides readers with the information to be used when ordering, dimensions, default factory settings, description of parts, factory default settings, technical specifications plus connections, input type selection switch, program mode, functions, major products, caution for using, monitoring mode etc.

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The set of technical documentation relating to the multi indicators KN-2000W series and bar graph digital indicators of KN-1000B series. The files that are contained in this pack cover all required information, such as the main product features and ordering information, different connections, dimensions, unit technical specifications and description of the parts, input type and range, functions, communications, monitoring and program modes, factory default settings, together with the valuable and informative guidelines on the proper usage of the indicators manufactured by Autonics.

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Three series of graphic panels produced by Autonics have been covered within this package, namely GP-S044/S057/S070. All necessary information is contained in the documents gathered within the set, including specifications and dimensions, battery replacement issues, user manuals, caution for using, parts description, installation manuals, serial interface, power wiring, communication cable wiring and dimensions, connection with GP/LP and by connectable devices, multi communication program sources etc. In addition, some official software firmware is included in the pack.

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Here is an excellent and useful well-thought compilation of the technical documents relating to the D1AA, D1SA, D1SC, D5Y-D5W, and DS-SA models of the display modules that are produced by Autonics company and covering both seven- and sixteen-segment modules with bright characters and also providing users of these modules with all necessary technical information on the product features, common applications, specifications, terminal layout and function, dimensions and data input method, input circuit, plus all other important technical details for proper installation and maintenance.

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Another set of required technical documentation directly related to the Autonics products. This one includes both technical information plus practical service manuals for the power off delay timers AT8PSN/AT8PMN series, star delta timer AT8SDN series, analog timers ATE/ATE1/ATE2 series, multi function timers AT8N series, multi function timers with free power compact size ATS series, 8 pin plug timers FSE series, LCD timers (digital switch type) LE3S series and touch type timers LE4S series, weekly/yearly timers LE7M-2 and LE365S-41 series, indication only LCD timers LE8N series.

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This package of service documents consists of three folders containing all necessary information on the digital controllers, sensor controllers and temperature controllers produced by Autonics, one of the leaders in the industry. The user manuals for the processor controllers of KPN-series provide the product information, specifications and dimensions, connections, guidelines on preparation and startup, parameter settings and functions, and parameter description by setting group.

The general purpose sensors controllers are presented by PA-10 and PA-12 series - again, the documents pack provides users with the main features, ordering info, unit description and specification, connections and function diagram, operation mode, dimensions and guidance on proper usage. The third pack contains the information on sixteen different series of temperature controllers.

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The Automar thematic network was developed with the specific intention of the authors to foster the Spanish innovation and research activities in the maritime industry aiming to strengthen their role in Europe. Fourteen chapters of the present publication collect the excellent contributions showing quite clearly the level of the scientific knowledge in maritime industrial sector achieved by the Spanish RTD.

We would expect that this publication might serve to promote the related technical knowledge as well as applications of the mechatronic and control systems that are currently being developed. The opening chapter has been dedicated to the latest advances on mechanical and thermal monitoring of the load applied to the marine diesel engines while the second chapter is mainly dealing with the ship pedestrian flow simulation.

And, among the other topics that have been covered within this book there is a good overview of the dynamic positioning systems of vessels, a research on predicting/avoiding the seasickness, a seekeeping laboratory where the experimental control tests can be conducted, identification of the math models for HSC, steering control, underwater robotics and even application of the climbing robots.

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This publication would be recommended to anyone whose working activities imply dealing with the pumping arrangements. The publication covers different types of pumps used in the industry and provides comprehensive and understandable explanations of their working principles and construction. This is a very valuable textbook and reference source giving an excellent general overview of pumping machinery and hydraulics.

The text has been supplemented by numerous informative diagrams, data tables and images included to be of help when explaining the theoretical basics of the pumps and their practical applications. And note that this book is the best choice for those who are willing to understand much more than just a simple pump curve - they fill find all the information they require in one single volume covering the components of the pumps and all technical aspects involved. The material presented in the book is remarkably detailed and technically correct making the book deservedly popular in the industry.

All information provided on the pumps is up-to-date and will benefit any worker involved in mechanical maintenance of the subject machinery. The reader will learn how to properly install and maintain all types of pumps, get the fundamental knowledge of the operating principles and application of the pumps in robotics and other new fields, find some useful installation and troubleshooting tips and all other information. 

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